124 BPM

124-BPM-220124 BPM New solo album for Doc Gee, Deep House oriented and titled 124 BPM in a reference to House Music symbolic tempo. With its deep and comfortable atmosphere, the album builds up on the tempo to deliver energizing dancefloor oriented tracks. Discover this new opus in video with the first single “The last one”, now available.


Peaceful-220Peaceful Perfect for post-synch, the 9 peaceful and soothing tracks here featured are proposed in one minute demo version. From large landscape evocation to intimate romantic music themes, this album was crafted as a full frequency color script specially customizable for your needs in various versions and lengths. Listen, comment and favourite it now on Soundcloud.

Space Trip


Space Trip New add-ons for bookstore music illustrative Elliot Music.
 “Space trip” is a series of themes crafted up for space traveling featuring a chaotic path with mounted power, cruise shipping, cosmic suspensions and final landing on our beautiful planet earth.



Optimistic As times get tougher, people tend to skim away from their optimistic nature. “Optimistic” brings some of it back to you with a soothing pace and sweet acoustic sensations of inner peace.

Slow Motion

Slow-Motion-220Slow Motion. This new album is a Melodic Dubstep inspired original creation. Always on the search of enriching experiences and looking for unexpected directions, Mr Untel makes you travel within various universe with 9 evocative tracks including Groovy drums, Rolling Sub, Modal Chords and Jazzy Tones. A video clip for “Connection in time” perfectly illustrates the vibes it conveys. A real appeal to your sensuality, this creation is the perfect soundtrack for your summer relaxation in good company.


Next220Next is Doc Gee’s new album continuing its exploration of contemporary Club music. Marcia Johnson, Londoner singer and previous collaborator, appears on “I wanna wake up” in the line of Soulfull House style. Enjoy the pleasure vibes inspired beats of the Parisian producer with this strictly “Deep House Lovers” release.<!–more—>


Brazil-220Brasileiro With 2014 World Cup coming to Brazil, it’s time to get to know its amazing culture with Samba inspired brazilian music ! Mr Untel prepared a collection of festive tracks for you to dance in front of your television to celebrate your team’s victory: check out “Brasileiro” with bonus photo of Omar Montenegro.


boheme_220Bohémes. Dans le cadre de l’exposition «Bohèmes», du 26 septembre 2012 au 14 janvier 2013, une bande-son spécialement éditée pour l’occasion par Béatrice Ardisson, accompagne le spectateur le long de son parcours dans les salles du Grand Palais à Paris. Ce digipack comporte un livret de 12 pages, collé à l’intérieur. Le CD s’insère en complétant l’image ; lorsqu’on l’ôte, le poème « Ma Bohème » d’Arthur Rimbaud se révèle en dessous. (Mr Untel signe le titre Manouche Dream et 5 Entractes pour) Béatrice Ardisson.

Retro Novo

Untel_mr_Retro-NovoRetro Novo The duo Mr Untel & Hanna H unveils brand new album in 2013. Hanna H, singer and songwriter comes from pop and jazz while Mr Untel, composer and producer, has an electronica and house background. The album contains personal versions of Jazz standards‚ “What a wonderful world”‚ “Syracuse” “Night & Day” and “The look of love” in addition to 6 original songs with sensual vocals, delicate melodies, mesmerizing beats, smooth sounds and soulful solos by stunning saxophonist Thierry Farruggia. Music to love and be loved to.

Going South

Untel_mr_Going-SouthGoing South. Imagine the soundtrack of a wonderful road trip. A heaven of peace in your busy week. Heading to the South, you will let yourself go for a deserved chill out and enjoy exotic and sensual emotions. As a kind of return to his roots, Mr Untel offers you a great Brazilian-electro deeply influenced by 60’s and 70’s jazz. To enhance this soulful experience, play “Life instant” and “Chill for the day” video clips specially produced for this release.

Electro Gypsy Groove

House Session 4Electro Gypsy Groove. Gypsy melodies, Balkans music and Jazz are perfectly melted in this creative album, like a romantic trip in the heart of Europe. This album will take you from the kingdom of Bohemia to the borders of the Andalusia, driven by an Electro swing tune. Bohemian spirit is also the theme of the musical illustration CD created by Beatrice Ardisson with collaboration from Mr Untel, following the sonorous journey of the exhibition “Bohèmes” at The Grand Palais in Paris. “Electro Gipsy groove” is a festive, joyful and dreamlike musical time created by Mr Untel.

Luxe so chic

Untel_mr_Luxe-so-ChicLuxe So Chic Composed by Mr Untel, “Luxe so Chic” is an invitation for your senses to journey. Inspired by the elegance and refinement of symbolic places of luxe voluptuousness, this new opus is an original creation that you will experience as a private and sensual experience. Enjoy to the utmost this moment of pure pleasure, fleeting and timeless, through the lascivious soundtrack of a luxurious and delightful time‚ “Bossa Upper Class”, “De luxe for two” will make you dream about a trip along the french riviera when “Dub Step de Luxe” will take you to a magical journey until far-away coasts. Enjoy the summer‚ sweet and warm breeze as the “Sensual Watchers” you truly are. Luxe So Chic is a sophisticated and esthetical sound feeling and a relaxing atmosphere for your peaceful parenthesis in this troubled world.


Doc_Gee_House-Sessions5BeatSpace is Doc GEE brand new release featuring Dj friendly Pumping House original mixes such as «Lunar Station» and «Boom in Space». This album also includes remixes of «Better Way» Dubstep mix and «Underground Radio» original track from the French duet “Les Dupont”.