Aura Link

Aura-Gate 220New album of modern and sensual electronica. A collection of versatile titles cut for sequences of elegance in motion. The sounds are hybrid with an electronic acoustic mix on sophisticated rhythms. The spectrum of moods is wide. Note that the album presents all titles with and without drums to expand its use

Ambient Life

Ambient-Life 220Feel, live and thrive in a peaceful sound world where the natural beauty of the universe is diffused into a positive spiral. Vibrant, oceanic and/or cosmic sounds of original purity. An introspective epic, a sense of travel and freedom. Here are 10 titles of pure emotion.

Butterfly Springs

Butterfly-Springs 220Acoustic guitars, Ukulele and Glockenspiel. We are in a bucolic universe, a vegetable garden or walks in the forest. Natural and peaceful a feeling of well-being with family or friends. This album will cover many situations where childish tenderness and naturalness are the subject.

Under Scream

Under-Scream 220As October and the Halloween period approach, it’s so fun to scare yourself. Here is an album that sounds like a sequence of horror film with its tense atmosphere and symphonic shadows that make you jump in the dark … Good listening


Peplum 220The Roman Empire is campaigning to impose the authority of Caesar. Here is an album that will suit many sequences where the majestic feeling is evoked. Sport and travel too. The percussions and the brass section are a martial evocation of the arrival of the armed columns or gladiators in the arena.


Funksystem 220Funksystem is a fun parenthesis. It is electronic music adapted to a virtual universe and urban play. An illustration of life in the heart digital system or artificial intelligence guides our daily steps. It’s fun and nostalgic at the same time. the quantum universe.