This Is Love

This-Is-Love 220This Is Love is a new album for Mr Untel, a universe where the limits are nonexistent for the unifying subject which is the Love. The choice of compositions and the production are as always a subtle mix of hybrid analog string sounds, guitars, synths and percussion. The tempos are mostly slow to maintain the sensuality inherent to the subject. Quickly discover this little gem of artistic sincerity for an eternal “It’s love”. Here is your free promo pack.

Chord Progressions

Chord-Progressions 220Some songs are sometimes so familiar that one wonders, at first listen, if it is not a “Remix” or a new version of a standard. Well no ! This is most often and it is very common for the harmonic grid of chords that are identical. These harmonies formulas have the same progression but with melodies and arrangements, a tempo or an original bass line. The difficulty is often in the attitude or posture to take to create a surprise. So here’s a new album from “Mr Untel” “Feel Good” and “Mid Tempo” “Smooth Jazz” for a very wide Synchro use field.

Next 2019 Rework

Next-2019-City 220Sometimes it is terribly tempting to return to a selection of titles on the occasion of the arrival of new tools in the studio, just to change things regarding production but keeping the same original composition. Between Remix and the re-production another vision of his own work is thus generated to form a new album. This is the case of Doc Gee’s Next Rework 2019 with Deep House, Nu Disco and electro, as well as up tempo. free promo pack .

Do You Remember ? Remixes

do-you-remember-220Check out the new EP from Mr Untel & Hanna H : Do You Remember ? This is a new track from the album “Say it Again” presented in the form of a collection of remixes with very diverse artistic directions. From Lounge to Electro and House, the atmospheres are especially designed to accompany the “playlist” of your summer ! Ask for your free promo pack

Groove On Board

Gob cover 220Mr Untel on his way to distant places, and end up waiting for connections in the airport lounge. So many possibilities between JFK and CDG airports. The evocative groove takes you to exotic locations. From Africa to India and the deep south, Mr Untel conjures funk in motion without the jet lag!

Jacques Tati – les remixes de mr Untel

Untel_mr_ELLIOTMUSI_aw_Les remix de mr untel2002 Mr Untel produced Les remixes de Mr Untel – Jacques Tati taken from the original soundtracks of one of the biggest French film maker icon. This album was originally released in France by Naive and gets exposure in Japan, USA, Russia, Spain, Italy. The album have been associated with the re-released of “Play Time”, the famous Jacques Tati’s movie but also feature various musical themes from a few others Jacques Tati’s movies like “mon oncle” or “les vacances de mr Hulot” and “Jour de fête” © Les films de mon oncle.

Say it Again

say-it-again220We are pleased to present you Say it Again, the latest new collaboration between Gerard Langella (aka Mr Untel French Parisian producer) and Hanna Hägglund (Swedish lyricist composer and vocalist). This is the fourth album produced by the duet, visiting various style from Exotica to Jazz with a touch of Brazilian sweet Bossa. Discover Say it Again today with our free promo pack available on request.

Electra Paradise

Summer edition release for Mr Untel with Electra-Paradise, an original new album specially created to cover modern Electronic fields and Deep House Area. This album includes 8 tracks with various tempo and feel, just perfect for Sport, Action, News or Documentaries. Enjoy now !

Nu Disco / Island Tunes

Nu-Disco 220Special Summer edition for Doc Gee with Nu Disco / Island tunes a brand new collection of 8 remixes specially crafted for Djs and Nu Disco lovers. This album release is including tracks featuring Debbie Sharp, Marcia Johnson and Loving Paris. A must for Swimming Pool or beach Party.

Neo Soul Lounge

Neo-Soul-Lounge 220The new album by Mr Untel is inspired from the Neo Soul modern afro-american music movement. While Neo soul tempo is definitely slower and all the more sensual, most of the traditional soul musicians still contribute: Bass, drums, both electrical and acoustic Guitar and Piano, classic strings, and 70s synthesizers. With its enticing sophistication and urban chic touch, Neo Soul will definitely make the cut to stylish track lists at pool and sunset party. It will as well perfectly accompany the privileged chill-out moment you definitely earned.

Buenas Noches Sputnik !

buenas_220Mr Untel’s new 2015 release on ELLIOT Music, takes you on a journey to the stars. From their tropical space launch pad, Gerard Langella and Didier Cremieux of Mr Untel  invite you  to be part of an unforgettable voyage. Nine cuts specially engineered for your listening pleasure. A sixty minutes orbit above the tropical sunset. Relax and get ready to groove with the space age, Mr Untel wishes you a pleasant and safe journey, and can’t wait to meet you in cocktail lounges around the world.Available in June 2015 on Itunes and other on line music shops Happy listening and Buenas Noches Sputnik!

124 BPM

124-BPM-220124 BPM New solo album for Doc Gee, Deep House oriented and titled 124 BPM in a reference to House Music symbolic tempo. With its deep and comfortable atmosphere, the album builds up on the tempo to deliver energizing dancefloor oriented tracks. Discover this new opus in video with the first single “The last one”, now available.


Next220Next is Doc Gee’s new album continuing its exploration of contemporary Club music. Marcia Johnson, Londoner singer and previous collaborator, appears on “I wanna wake up” in the line of Soulfull House style. Enjoy the pleasure vibes inspired beats of the Parisian producer with this strictly “Deep House Lovers” release.<!–more—>


Brazil-220Brasileiro With 2014 World Cup coming to Brazil, it’s time to get to know its amazing culture with Samba inspired brazilian music ! Mr Untel prepared a collection of festive tracks for you to dance in front of your television to celebrate your team’s victory: check out “Brasileiro” with bonus photo of Omar Montenegro.


boheme_220Bohémes. Dans le cadre de l’exposition «Bohèmes», du 26 septembre 2012 au 14 janvier 2013, une bande-son spécialement éditée pour l’occasion par Béatrice Ardisson, accompagne le spectateur le long de son parcours dans les salles du Grand Palais à Paris. Ce digipack comporte un livret de 12 pages, collé à l’intérieur. Le CD s’insère en complétant l’image ; lorsqu’on l’ôte, le poème « Ma Bohème » d’Arthur Rimbaud se révèle en dessous. (Mr Untel signe le titre Manouche Dream et 5 Entractes pour) Béatrice Ardisson.

Retro Novo

Untel_mr_Retro-NovoRetro Novo The duo Mr Untel & Hanna H unveils brand new album in 2013. Hanna H, singer and songwriter comes from pop and jazz while Mr Untel, composer and producer, has an electronica and house background. The album contains personal versions of Jazz standards‚ “What a wonderful world”‚ “Syracuse” “Night & Day” and “The look of love” in addition to 6 original songs with sensual vocals, delicate melodies, mesmerizing beats, smooth sounds and soulful solos by stunning saxophonist Thierry Farruggia. Music to love and be loved to.

Going South

Untel_mr_Going-SouthGoing South. Imagine the soundtrack of a wonderful road trip. A heaven of peace in your busy week. Heading to the South, you will let yourself go for a deserved chill out and enjoy exotic and sensual emotions. As a kind of return to his roots, Mr Untel offers you a great Brazilian-electro deeply influenced by 60’s and 70’s jazz. To enhance this soulful experience, play “Life instant” and “Chill for the day” video clips specially produced for this release.