Epidemic Stories

Epidemic-Stories-220“Epidemic Stories” In these uncertain times, here is an opportunistic album that looks at the pandemic wave that has invaded us for almost two years. Here we find the daily sound elements of the epidemic that has occupied us for almost two years. The soundtrack is tense, with a disturbing and recurring signature. These illustrations will be suitable for news, reports or documentaries where dramatic intensity is required.


Dreamlike-220Here is an album of dreamlike atmospheres entirely oriented towards situations where the tension is palpable. The percussion are “tribal”, the string sections “epic”, the tense melodies are a bit like a modern Peplum. Sometimes devious, often explicit, these sound atmospheres are loaded and dramatic. They will suit your images of News, Magazines, Cinema or reports. It’s terribly addicting.

Nordic Noir

Nordic-Noir 220Since the 2010’s there has been a style of TV series that has been popular with TV channels. Mainly produced in Scandinavia these series have become a style called “Nordic Noir”. Here is a new album of illustrations inspired by this aesthetic. it is an exercise in style with 11 Piano pieces of classical instrumentation : grand piano, cello, percussion and a string section. The goal is clearly dramatic but not only because openings to the optimistic light are also presented to relax the atmosphere and give emotion. To discover as soon as possible for your images.


Ecosystem220New electronic music album entirely devoted to musical illustration. It is traditional for us to present a collection of Balearic / Downtempo titles to accompany the holidays in Ibiza every year. More “Sunset” than “Club”, this album is a vibrant evocation of this important moment that the sunset represents facing the Mediterranean Sea. A moment of sharing and hedonistic contemplation.

Loco, el Virgen de la Macarena : Latest Remixes – EP

LOCO Latest Remixes 220Sometimes there are classics in a catalog that are credible subjects for review every twenty years. We had the pleasure of doing for the track “Loco El Virgen De La Macarena” with a new delivery. The magic trumpet is back with an electronic remix to the extent of a Tarantino film, in a Deep House version or simply Tribal, Dub Cumbia or Trap to close the exercise. A classic is eternal so good listening.

Unrelated Stories

Unrelated-Stories 220Here is a new album which cover a broad spectrum of atmospheres without direct relations to each other. Hybrid musical format mixes classical orchestration and modern synthesis on tempos between slowness and acceleration. Suffice to say that the field of use of is vast, narrative and dreamlike. It’s about giving an extra dimension to your images whatever the atmosphere.

Low Pressure

Low-Pressure 220This album displays a very versatile content. The 11 titles cover a wide spectrum of synch for Cinema, Documentary or News. Energy like “Donna” and “Prima”, Romanticism “Charming Gavotte”, “Sub System” or “Sylphide”, Emotion “In my Mind”, “Low Pressure”. The concept of hybrid music mixes electronic instrumentation and traditional instruments and wide variety of tempos. So give meaning to your images!

Extatic Dream

Ecstatic-Dream220This is a new album influenced by the practice of meditation. Mr Untel offers us a trip to Asia rocked by the soothing sound of atmospheric drones which guide the course of a deep relaxation session. We notice here the use of exotic percussions like the Caisa, the SIxxen, the Aluphone, the Tubaphone and the Scaffaphone. In these troubled times, letting go is necessary.

Bigger Faster

Bigger-And-Faster 220Bigger and Faster! This is what we present to you here with a first song inspired by the epic accents of a Centurion’s fight followed by a collection of fast tempos titles that evoke large and luminous dimensions. You can almost feel the spring and the optimism that accompanies it, perfect for Sport, Action and News. Join the clan of winners and the sky opens with its procession of positive surprises. Here’s an album that gives you the energy of victory.

Lonely Drive

lonely-drive-220This is a bit like the story of a poetic film which would describe the lonely drift of a motorist while driving at night on an unknown highway. The characters and places visited in his journey are the main subjects of this cinematographic fresco accompanied by a dreamlike and melancholic soundtrack. An album, an atmosphere and above all a moving story with songs to listen to and not just by car.

Le bal des noces rouges

noces-rouges 220Inspired by a “Miscellaneous” that upset public opinion in the 1970s it was Claude Chabrol, the famous French film director who made his first adaptation to the cinema. The eternal story of adultery that ends in drama. The inspiration of this album is therefore infidelity with its procession of betrayals and an invariable mechanism which leads lovers to encounter, seduction, lies and adultery. Who’s new under the sun? The music of Mr Untel!

This Is Love

This-Is-Love 220This Is Love is a new album for Mr Untel, a universe where the limits are nonexistent for the unifying subject which is the Love. The choice of compositions and the production are as always a subtle mix of hybrid analog string sounds, guitars, synths and percussion. The tempos are mostly slow to maintain the sensuality inherent to the subject. Quickly discover this little gem of artistic sincerity for an eternal “It’s love”. Here is your free promo pack.

Chord Progressions

Chord-Progressions 220Some songs are sometimes so familiar that one wonders, at first listen, if it is not a “Remix” or a new version of a standard. Well no ! This is most often and it is very common for the harmonic grid of chords that are identical. These harmonies formulas have the same progression but with melodies and arrangements, a tempo or an original bass line. The difficulty is often in the attitude or posture to take to create a surprise. So here’s a new album from “Mr Untel” “Feel Good” and “Mid Tempo” “Smooth Jazz” for a very wide Synchro use field.

Next 2019 Rework

Next-2019-City 220Sometimes it is terribly tempting to return to a selection of titles on the occasion of the arrival of new tools in the studio, just to change things regarding production but keeping the same original composition. Between Remix and the re-production another vision of his own work is thus generated to form a new album. This is the case of Doc Gee’s Next Rework 2019 with Deep House, Nu Disco and electro, as well as up tempo. free promo pack .

Morning Walk

Morning-Walk220+A new album of musical illustration that will make happy! it is a calm and serene in the image of a new day that begins between dawn and Aurora. The orchestration is a subtle balance between light rhythm of percussion and the peaceful vision of suspended arrangements mixed with synthetic textures and traditional analog string instruments. Perfect for narration of descriptive sequences. free promo pack .


Expectation-220+Expectation is a new musical illustration album designed to accompany a wide spectrum of situations where time is suspended. Indeed, according to the sequence of images, it is sometimes necessary to remain neutral without being necessarily static. The orchestration of this album is hybrid with a delicate mix of traditional acoustic instruments and contemporary synthesizers able to support concrete stories for information and documentary or dreamlike evocations for the cinema. The field of use is therefore vast and wide.

Score This

Score thisEvery year we participate in competitions for the beauty of the gesture or simply to compete with our competitors. 8DIO is our favorite library of instruments and it is with pleasure that we have taken up the challenge proposed by their film music contest. It was to illustrate the sequence “Spring in winter” with one instrument, no more!