Romantic Life

Romantic-Life-Add220The French Romantic  period deeply influenced the spirit of the “Impressionist” painters. Inspired by the same French Literary references, Romantic Life is an album of 8 exclusively acoustic tracks served by a string section. Its intimate atmosphere and slow tempos are an invitation to languishing journey to the country of acoustic “Spleen”. Start the experience with our free promo pack

Jacques Tati – les remixes de mr Untel

Untel_mr_ELLIOTMUSI_aw_Les remix de mr untel2002 Mr Untel produced Les remixes de Mr Untel – Jacques Tati taken from the original soundtracks of one of the biggest French film maker icon. This album was originally released in France by Naive and gets exposure in Japan, USA, Russia, Spain, Italy. The album have been associated with the re-released of “Play Time”, the famous Jacques Tati’s movie but also feature various musical themes from a few others Jacques Tati’s movies like “mon oncle” or “les vacances de mr Hulot” and “Jour de fête” © Les films de mon oncle.

Sun and Bass

Sun-and-Bass220New electronic and summer vibes album for the music library ! Half of the album tracks are in the pure Drum and Bass style, and perfectly fit the sync of sports actions and punchy events news, while the 4 others are ideally suited for neutral suspense or background music in general. This opus is definitely a efficient choice for a wide variety of everyday situations in sound illustration.

Cosmic Poppies Field

Cosmic-Poppies-Field220Cosmic Poppies Field is a new collection of 8 tracks for sound illustration with slow tempos over major harmonies. Folk acoustic guitars arpeggio blend in perfectly with synthesizers space effects, creating a peaceful and bucolic atmosphere of a musical trip in a field of poppies in bloom. Peace and love.

Say it Again

say-it-again220We are pleased to present you Say it Again, the latest new collaboration between Gerard Langella (aka Mr Untel French Parisian producer) and Hanna Hägglund (Swedish lyricist composer and vocalist). This is the fourth album produced by the duet, visiting various style from Exotica to Jazz with a touch of Brazilian sweet Bossa. Discover Say it Again today with our free promo pack available on request.

Wings of Freedom

Wings-of-Freedom220Wings of Freedom, a brand new album specialy designed for image synch is featuring a set of 8 titles with Pop Rock Folk sounds blended with parts of electric and acoustic guitars on solid bass rhythmics and drums. A classical strings section often responds to merry trumpet or selected Guitar and Dobro solos. The mood is always positive with a sense of permanent well-being. Perfect for news reporting or documentary. Free promo pack available.

Lost in Emotion

Lost in Emotion is a peaceful organic and vibrant album presenting a beautiful collection of relaxing atmosphere leaded by violins or violoncellos specially crafted for intimate romantic pictures. You will find here inside a few nice surprise including two dramatic tension background. These 8 musical pieces are suitable for Cinema, Documentary and suspense sequences as well. Request your free promo pack.


Mid-Tempo220Focused on medium tempo themes, this new release will fit a wide variety of situations. Sometimes light and dancing, at others dramatic and moving, it is a collection created specifically for the underscore that will be suitable for Cinema, Documentary or Reportage. Building on its federative rhythms, this selection wide range covers traditional sounds and more synthetic modern ones. A solution for many synchronization situations.

Square des Amoureux

Square-Des-Amoureux220Square des Amoureux is a rendezvous in the past. A sonorous visit to the romantic Paris of the last century, especially in the mid-30s. The sound is Swing, Jazzy and Gypsy just like in the suburbs, Montmartre, Clignancourt or St Germain des Prés. The tempo is fast, the atmosphere is joyful, resolutely optimistic and suitable for the illustration of many sequences in Cinema or Documentaries.

The Montreal International Film Music Composition Competition

The Specialized Diploma Program in Film Music at the Université du Québec à Montréal and the Rendez-vous du cinéma Québécois are proud to announce the third edition of the Montreal International Film Music Composition Competition. Three short films are proposed to composers of all parts of the world. The music by the finalists in each of the categories will be diffused, with the associated film, during the 35th edition of the Rendez-vous du cinéma Québécois in Montreal, Canada. All three films proposed for this competition have been directed by students for Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT).

Check here after the Mr Untel music scoring for all of these three films.

Pop Step Sensations

pop-step-220This album features 8 tracks crafted for synch purpose using the same tempo, Majors/Minors chords and Dubstep style, suitable for Drama, Sports, News or Action stories. Give it a try and ask now for your free promo pack available. These Energic Pop tracks will fit perfectly your movies and documentary sound illustrations as well.


storyteller220Beautiful collection of 8 illustrations covering a wide range of use. Various tempos, various chords and various atmospheres compatible with Love Story, Dream Ballade, Western, Adventure, Mystery or Emotional scenes for exigent Music Superviser. All tracks can be tailored for our specific need. Ask now for your free promo pack.

Northern Piano Chill

New album in our repertoire Northern Piano Chill is a wonderful collection of acoustic downtempo tracks entirely interpreted with 1969 Stenway grand piano. They provide a poetic and sensual feel that conveys a romantic and peaceful atmosphere. Picture a calm lake in a snowy scandinavian forest, mysteriously enlighten by the dusk light.

Electra Paradise

Summer edition release for Mr Untel with Electra-Paradise, an original new album specially created to cover modern Electronic fields and Deep House Area. This album includes 8 tracks with various tempo and feel, just perfect for Sport, Action, News or Documentaries. Enjoy now !

Nu Disco / Island Tunes

Nu-Disco 220Special Summer edition for Doc Gee with Nu Disco / Island tunes a brand new collection of 8 remixes specially crafted for Djs and Nu Disco lovers. This album release is including tracks featuring Debbie Sharp, Marcia Johnson and Loving Paris. A must for Swimming Pool or beach Party.

Neo Soul Lounge

Neo-Soul-Lounge 220The new album by Mr Untel is inspired from the Neo Soul modern afro-american music movement. While Neo soul tempo is definitely slower and all the more sensual, most of the traditional soul musicians still contribute: Bass, drums, both electrical and acoustic Guitar and Piano, classic strings, and 70s synthesizers. With its enticing sophistication and urban chic touch, Neo Soul will definitely make the cut to stylish track lists at pool and sunset party. It will as well perfectly accompany the privileged chill-out moment you definitely earned.

Comedy Mood

Comedie-Mood 220We are really excited to present this new album entitled “Comedy Mood”, a new proposal in our catalog. As the name suggests this is mainly themes filled with Up tempos specially designed for the illustration of funny sequences featuring a touch of suspense to decorum. Strings quartet, evocative melodies with a “feel good” atmosphere, also suitable for documentaries. Ask for a Free promo pack today.

Action Themes

We are pleased to present this brand new album entitled “Action themes” which is a first novel in our catalog. As the name suggests this is mainly themes of “Up tempo” specially designed for the illustration of the action and sometimes Drama with an Epic touch to decorum. This album will also be suitable for Sport or Pursuing and suspense in general. Discover “Action themes” today with our Free promo pack is available on request.

Cinematic Drone

Cinematic-Drones 220Here is an 12 musical illustrations album specially crafted for synch purpose. The tracklisting includes various tempos and style “from Acoustic to Electro” suitable for “Drama” or “feel good” stories. So give it a try and ask now for your free promo pack available today to choose which one of these tracks will fot tour movies and documentary sound illustration.