Northern Piano Chill

New album in our repertoire Northern Piano Chill is a wonderful collection of acoustic downtempo tracks entirely interpreted with 1969 Stenway grand piano. They provide a poetic and sensual feel that conveys a romantic and peaceful atmosphere. Picture a calm lake in a snowy scandinavian forest, mysteriously enlighten by the dusk light.

Electra Paradise

Summer edition release for Mr Untel with Electra-Paradise, an original new album specially created to cover modern Electronic fields and Deep House Area. This album includes 8 tracks with various tempo and feel, just perfect for Sport, Action, News or Documentaries. Enjoy now !

Nu Disco / Island Tunes

Nu-Disco 220Special Summer edition for Doc Gee with Nu Disco / Island tunes a brand new collection of 8 remixes specially crafted for Djs and Nu Disco lovers. This album release is including tracks featuring Debbie Sharp, Marcia Johnson and Loving Paris. A must for Swimming Pool or beach Party.

Neo Soul Lounge

Neo-Soul-Lounge 220The new album by Mr Untel is inspired from the Neo Soul modern afro-american music movement. While Neo soul tempo is definitely slower and all the more sensual, most of the traditional soul musicians still contribute: Bass, drums, both electrical and acoustic Guitar and Piano, classic strings, and 70s synthesizers. With its enticing sophistication and urban chic touch, Neo Soul will definitely make the cut to stylish track lists at pool and sunset party. It will as well perfectly accompany the privileged chill-out moment you definitely earned.

Comedy Mood

Comedie-Mood 220We are really excited to present this new album entitled “Comedy Mood”, a new proposal in our catalog. As the name suggests this is mainly themes filled with Up tempos specially designed for the illustration of funny sequences featuring a touch of suspense to decorum. Strings quartet, evocative melodies with a “feel good” atmosphere, also suitable for documentaries. Ask for a Free promo pack today.

Action Themes

We are pleased to present this brand new album entitled “Action themes” which is a first novel in our catalog. As the name suggests this is mainly themes of “Up tempo” specially designed for the illustration of the action and sometimes Drama with an Epic touch to decorum. This album will also be suitable for Sport or Pursuing and suspense in general. Discover “Action themes” today with our Free promo pack is available on request.

Cinematic Drone

Cinematic-Drones 220Here is an 12 musical illustrations album specially crafted for synch purpose. The tracklisting includes various tempos and style “from Acoustic to Electro” suitable for “Drama” or “feel good” stories. So give it a try and ask now for your free promo pack available today to choose which one of these tracks will fot tour movies and documentary sound illustration.

Souful Lounge

Soulfull-Lounge 220Electronica and soul is definitely the main influence of this new collection of 8 illustrations for relaxed atmosphere . All titles feature a medium tempo sometimes emphasized with sophisticated side rhythms. Tailored to scenes with a sense of escape, these tracks blend perfectly with images of urban environments and imprinted serenity. Free promo pack are available on request.

Strings in the Score

Strings-in-the-score 220Now available, this string dedicated album provides you with a series of 11 themes inspired by the classical registry. An “Ode” to feelings and spiritual elevation, Strings will emphasize sensitivity for the more dreamlike scenes as well as action or Epic Drama. Request your a free promo pack today.

Electro Shop

Electro-Shop 220Newly arrived in the mid tempo Electronica series this 8 tracks album will cover your needs for various illustrations and situations. “Feel good” or Dance, this album provides a palette for daily use TV jingles and news reports with a broad spectrum of different situations. Gray your free promo pack and listen without waiting !

Autumn Breeze

Autumn-breeze220Autumn Breeze is a new artwork album dedicated to Piano. This collection of 8 titles provide a calm and relaxed atmosphere specifically designed to accompany your images. Sometimes enigmatic, romantic, and dreamy, these compositions are suitable for movie scenes, documentaries or reports and come with touch of elegance that characterizes the productions of Mr Untel. Request your free promo pack today.

Urban Dream

Urban-Dream220Big cities are often represented through their recognized effervescence and density while relentlessly moving. Urban Dream is visiting these metropolis, transcribing their rhythm with drums and percussions, as well as illustrating the modern codes of urbanity and the narrative perspectives they trigger, using a variety of synthetic instruments. Acoustic cello touches complete the picture with melancholy. Get a free promo pack today.


Starter22010 dynamic titles to start an urban activity : a workday, a flight, a transfer to the airport, a traffic jam on the device, a multi millionaire life, or shopping downtown. The audio survival kit, essential for a sync sequence of images where action and movement are the main subject. So go ahead and get started as well by listening to our free promo pack !


Campfire-220The Campfire album is a new evocation of the great outdoors. What’s more organic that a good wood fire after a long day riding horses in large pastures. A trip down the canyon with acoustic guitars. Contact us to get a free promo pack today !…


PrintIn the 14 tracks of drifting electronics, the album SNDTRKS 3 “Cities in a red storm” by Mr Untel (Gerard Langella – Didier Cremieux) offers a landscape of tweaked drum loops and electronically altered guitar sounds, creating landscapes of atmospheric dissonance and gritty synthetic edge. Ethnic instuments transport you to far away cities. SNDTRKS 3 is evocative and melancholic, time stand still as the red storm rages in. Contact us to get free promo pack today !


In 15 short pieces, Mr Untel (Gerard Langella – Didier Cremieux) explore evocations of mystery, suspense and melancholia. Their lush signature sound mixes electronic ambiance, organic melodies and deep industrial rhythms. Moving from scene to scene, they bring you their stories of magic forests and brooding urban nocturnes. Sequenced melody patterns emerge and evolve slowly, mounting in tension along with scraping industrial noises before fading to lurk in the background. Contact us to get your free promo pack today !

Buenas Noches Sputnik !

buenas_220Mr Untel’s new 2015 release on ELLIOT Music, takes you on a journey to the stars. From their tropical space launch pad, Gerard Langella and Didier Cremieux of Mr Untel  invite you  to be part of an unforgettable voyage. Nine cuts specially engineered for your listening pleasure. A sixty minutes orbit above the tropical sunset. Relax and get ready to groove with the space age, Mr Untel wishes you a pleasant and safe journey, and can’t wait to meet you in cocktail lounges around the world.Available in June 2015 on Itunes and other on line music shops Happy listening and Buenas Noches Sputnik!

Latin Islands

Latin-Quiet-Islands 220Latin Islands is an  album of 8 pieces of music inspired by the relaxing atmosphere of a nice afternoon on a beautiful beach in the latin america region. This album is taking place in our Music Library and will be perfect for synch with your images or documentary. All titles are presented in short length version. Finally, we offer you the possibility to download all our albums on request, by contacting us to get a free promo pack.

124 BPM

124-BPM-220124 BPM New solo album for Doc Gee, Deep House oriented and titled 124 BPM in a reference to House Music symbolic tempo. With its deep and comfortable atmosphere, the album builds up on the tempo to deliver energizing dancefloor oriented tracks. Discover this new opus in video with the first single “The last one”, now available.