Illustrate your movies or documentaries with a specialized music library.

Having spent years producing music for our artists, we wanted to address our customers various demands with a new series of full instrumental albums specially designed, among other things, to be synced with images. Please find here a collection of musical sketches sorted by themes that will give an extra touch to your advertising, short or feature films. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a bespoke service including adaptation of existing musical themes to fit as best as possible your requests or simply create new ones specifically for your project. Just one click to listen to our playlists and click to contact us. Finally, we offer you the possibility to download all our albums on request, by contacting us to get a free promo pack

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Untel_mr_ELLIOTMUSI_aw_Les remix de mr untelCafe-Mambo 220Mood-stories 220Un-espion220Romantic-Life-Add220Spy-60's-Color 220Sun-and-Bass220Cosmic-Poppies-Field220say-it-again220Lost-in-Emotion220Wings-of-Freedom220Square-Des-Amoureux220Mid-Tempo220storyteller220pop-step-220northerm-piano-chill220Electra-Paradise220Neo-Soul-Lounge 220

Comedie-Mood 220Action-themes 220Cinematic-Drones 220Soulfull-Lounge 220Strings-in-the-score 220Electro-Shop 220Autumn-breeze220Urban-Dream220Starter220Campfire-220Printbuenas_220124-BPM-300


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