DMS-cover-BDDead Man Suit was born in april 2008 from the meeting of two perfectly complementary units : On one hand, Tof and Landser, two guitar players from the blues and rock scene whose close collaboration goes way back in years, and on the other hand, the Cirade brothers, bass player and drummer, fresh from the reggae circles. In July 2008 the four musicians gathered in the studio to record their very first album, simply entitled “My sun will come”, a genuine invitation to a musical journey blending various influences building on a strong rock background. Dead Man Suit being above all a live band, the year coming will be dedicated to live performances, writing and recording of the second album. Visit the band on Facebook. Full uncensored version HD. Evil scientists are using human guinea pigs to give life to a monster rock’n’roll band. Produced by LES INSTINCTIFS & AMP;  LA PECHE. Directed by Seb Cirade. Writen by Seb Cirade & Nicolas Benoit. DOP : Arnaud Stéfani @ KINOU.