hanna1-350Hanna Hägglund grew up surrounded by musician and artists in Stockholm, Sweden. Her father is a trumpet player that made here listen to jazz music very soon. She started to play the piano at the age of six and sang in choirs as a child. At fifteen she opened up for her father’s band and led the vocal girls’ quartet. The first time she came in Paris was love at first sight with the French capital and she started to sing in clubs and meet musicians with whom she collaborated on different projects. In 1998, she signs a record contract with EMI as a singer-songwriter. The single “So fine” rocketed up to n° 2 in the charts that same year, followed up by “Quand j’entends cette song” and “Une petite place pour moi”. Curious by nature, Hanna takes acting-classes and ends up playing one of the leading parts in the musical comedy “L’ombre d’un Géant”(Sony Music 2002). She also plays “Juliet” in a contemporary re-interpretation of Shakespear’s masterpiece. In 2003, she meets the French electro-band “Stéréodrome” and Mary L. with whom she records a great pop-lounge album where Hanna becomes “Tuvstarr”. « Sedge Flowers » was released by Elliot Music in 2004 and included the single “High & Low” remixed by Mr. Untel. This album was composed and produced in collaboration with Mary L and Yann Cortela and Fred Savio (Thanks to them for the connection and good vibes). Hanna and Mr. Untel immediately connected as her melodies and lyrics fit so naturally on his colorful, inspired music and decided to work together on a new project where jazz, electro-pop, bossa nova and R&B live together in perfect harmony. Since then, four albums have been produced and released by Elliot Music and Rambling records for export with “Back in Paris” and “Made in Paris”, ” A summer’s Day” and their latest “Retro Novo” which came out in 2013. Their musical collaboration still continues today.

Special thanks to our our favorite photographer Carlotta Forsberg

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