Elliot Music is the main and only music provider for Blob Productions. Respectively founded by Gerard Langella and François Balmelle, they are trying to develop “Interactive Music” as the adaptation of music to the computer medium. In the 80’s when music was made for the TV medium it became a music video. Today a lot of people consume music using a computer, but in very traditional and passive fashion. In our opinion, the point/click/listen way of interacting with music doesn’t uses the power of the computer. Indeed, we wanted people to experience a little bit more what it is to mix music and get a kick out of it. Blob Productions produces musical toys for all ages that do not require any musical knowledge. The music has been meticulously crafted by Elliot Music to serve the best way possible the user’s experience, explorable interactively by yourself on Blobprod.com.
Blobprod provides classic audio and video streaming, but has also added real-time manipulation and multi-user capabilities based on in house technologies. It’s online music mix-toys, for example, allow real-time sound mixing and remixing, concurrent multi-user access, multi-user chat…See here under Blob production snapshot.