Europe discovered Loving Paris between Spring 2011 and 2012 and its new musical concept of “Latin house music”. Behind this name resides Gerard Langella (aka mr.untel, Doc Gee), a French producer, composer and sound designer. With his debut vinyl “Latin Quarter Remixes” – Loving Paris “Loco, El virgen de la Macarena” and «Success Latino», Doc Gee has created a particular style of Dance Music. He breaks new grounds with its innovative use of electronic music melted with the heat of Latin House beats. Loco EP includes various and energetic versions with the alluring sound of the trumpet played by Perez Prado. «Success Latino» vinyl and his several remixes went N°1 in the Canadian national Club charts in September 2001 during 3 weeks. Follows the release of «Latin Quarter», an album full of surprising Latino tracks including live recorded samples from the best Cuban and Brazilian musicians (the first of a series of 3 albums fully oriented towards Latin House music). The opus is a blend of electronic music with warm voices and cuban beats as vocals have been recorded in Cuba at Egrem Studio Habana, mixed in Paris (Elliot Music studio) and Germany (Skyline studio) by sound engineer King Brain in 2000. The two EPs and CD version of «Latin Quarter» were released by MRP records, one of Toronto’s most famous and respected label (Thanks to Radames Nieves). CD release included a special interactive feature (’s DJ beat box software, an interactive music mixer engineered by Francois Balmelle) and artwork was realized by Didier Crémieux. Digital music lovers can now download an expanded LP version of «Latin Quarter» including various club House and dub mixes of Doc Gee. The second digital release album “Cuban Dream” is one of the best recorded by Gerard Langella. The third digital release of Loving Paris featuring Jodie named «Club Culture» is more oriented to the DJ scene along the likes of Doc Gee and displays an infectious beats collection for body and soul lightened by sexy and stylish singings. It provides a brilliant selection of various mixes from deeper House to Disco music and pumping garage beats made for the DJs and clubbers with exclusive remixes of “Five days in Paradise” or “Boys & Girls” (only released as digitally).