Livret Simple Lucy MayVThe first album of Lucy May with Elliot Music was produced and co-written with Mr Untel and is dedicated to Soul, Jazz, Lounge and pop music. LucyMay & Mr. Untel met during a joint project in Shanghai, China. “Parachutes on Shanghai” and spontaneously followed this first successful collaboration with collaboration on a sole album that would embrace experimental influences. Interestingly enough, most of the album was realized on E-postal delivery service basis, between Shanghai, Paris & London. “Parachutes on Shanghai” prestigiously treated by Mr. Untel also features prominent characters from diverse musical backgrounds : from the guitars of Markus Wienstroer to the soulful harmonies of Fred Savio Rhodes piano along with the wonderful and strong vocals/lyrics of LucyMay. Enjoy ! Bonne écoute! Buon Ascolto !