Doc Gee has always been interested fashion and music continuous connection between Paris and London, and specially the music produced by . A mix between Reggae, Rap and Electronica, a sort of Hip Hop blended by House, Dub sounds and effects. During a London studio session with Marcia Johnson in 1993, Doc Gee meet real Ragga music performer Germayne Gittens and they immediately started a collaboration. Germayne went to Paris for the recording of a few songs at Elliot Music studio and the first Single “Da Styl’ is Brand New” was signed by Barclays in Paris. It got a strong support by DJs thanks to its pumping beats and was soon followed by the other hit « Are you ready ». Gérard and Germayne finally made an entire album called “London Experiences” visiting a wide range of tempos and styles, elaborating this Brand New Style.